In today’s technology driven world, proactively exploring emerging technologies is critical for any business to compete, to transform, and to grow. Media Labs is at the forefront of engaging emerging technologies for our company. Here is a glimpse of some of the consumer technologies that we think are critical to our company and industry.

Immersive Technologies

One of the new ways to consume NBCUniversal content is through Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed/ Merged Reality. Media Labs continues to experiment with immersive devices and serves as subject matter experts across NBCUniversal and Comcast by assisting with the adaptation of this technology.

Proximity Technologies

Proximity technologies, like BLE beacons and Wi-Fi technology, offer enormous potential to NBCUniversal’s theme park business. Media Labs has been working with the Parks Team to adopt these new technologies to make our Theme Parks smarter and enhance the guest experience.

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are changing the way content is created and consumed. These technologies are creating opportunities that allow us to produce intelligence content with real-time video analysis, machine curated and greater personalization.

LTE Multicast

LTE Multicast is a mechanism to distribute the same content to many users and addresses the rising costs of content delivery networks and synchronization of live broadcast with OTT streams. The evolution of LTE in the long term, takes it beyond mobile as a solution for next-generation terrestrial TV.

Conversational Interfaces / Artificial Intelligence Agents

With the rise of natural user interfaces and virtual assistants in 2016, AI will have an even greater impact on the media business in 2020. Media Labs plans to continue working with AI agents in the coming years by developing integrated content experiences and personalizing content curation.

Next-Generation Distribution

As the demand for mobile video consumption grows, it is imperative to explore ways to deliver high quality content more efficiently and at a lower cost. Media Labs is testing solutions that offer efficient delivery of live content to mobile devices, producing savings to both consumers as well as NBCUniversal.

Autonomous / Connected Cars

Cars are becoming another distribution platform in which consumers will be able to access NBCUniversal content. In-car experiences can include player integration, the delivery of audio friendly content, enabling NBCUniversal Mobile sites for CarPlay and Android, conversational interfaces, video, etc.

Strengthening a Culture of Innovation


Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathons

Comcast NBCUniversal public Hackathons are 24-hour innovation competitions during which Media Labs invites NBCUniversal business units to challenge experienced developers to leverage emerging technologies and create innovative new products and services for our businesses. Talent Acquisition is given full access to attendees for recruitment purposes and Corporate Communications is invited to leverage all events for public relations purposes.

To access the Comcast NBCUniversal Hackathon site, please click here.


NBCUniversal Patent Program

Using peer media company patenting trends identified by the Comcast Strategic IP Group, Media Labs partners with NBCUniversal’s Legal team to identify key areas of focus for patenting. Those content-related areas include production, distribution, security, analysis, personalization, web/e-commerce and conversational technologies.

If you are a NBCUniversal employee and would like to access the NBCUniversal Patent Program site please click here.


NBCUniversal Innovation Exchange

With today’s rapid technology advances, consumers expect innovative products quickly – and companies must engage employees to meet these expectations. The NBCUniversal Innovation Exchange is idea management and innovation software used by Comcast NBCUniversal teams to discuss ideas, solve problems, and pursue opportunities.

If you are a Comcast NBCUniversal employee and would like to access the Innovation Exchange please click here.

Media Labs Workshops

Workshops are part of Media Labs’ goal to foster a culture of innovation across NBCUniversal and are designed to help NBCUniversal businesses stay ahead of emerging trends and prepare to take advantage of new and disruptive technologies.

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